Yun Hao (云灏) is a possible new vocal for the Sharpkey engine.


He has a somewhat extensive post history unrelating to his character on his Weibo, though there are many posts in-character relating to his reactions to other Chinese vocal synths. His Sharpkey confirmation can be found here.

He was teased on his official Twitter on December 26th, said to be released in 2019.



While he is commonly referred to as Yun Hao, some sources site his name as Sheng He. In English, the Chinese characters can be roughly translated to:

云 - Cloud

灏 - Large

Therefore, he may have a sky or cloud-like theme, and his name may be translated to Large Cloud.


He has an ocean-like color scheme, with short-medium length hair that is styled in a messy pattern going from a bright cyan blue to a dark purple in a gradient. He wears a black tank top as well as black tights, with shorts much in the same style as his hair on top, and a semi-transparent jacket over his chest. He wears boot-like shoes that flare at the top and have gold accents, as well as a purple band in a similar color to his jacket on his left wrist.


茉莉花 (UTAU) bilibili
她的城 (Sharpkey) bilibili

Voicebank Libraries

Product Information
Basic Information
Sheng He is a new possible Sharpkey voicebank with a somewhat neutral and nasal voice.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • He was recorded to sing in Mandarin Chinese.
Software Issues as noted:
  • Has somewhat of a metallic voice in Sharpkey.
Voicebank Sample

None outside of demos.


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