Wen Xi (温熙 | Wēn Xī) is a test vocal for the upcoming DeepVocal engine. He is one of the vocals from the 韶和project (Sháo Hé project).


Wen Xi originated as an UTAU voicebank. Not much is known about him other than the existence of a multilingual voicebank for UTAU which was not publicly released but announced through a bilibili video on March 28th, 2018. The languages include English, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese, though the support for Chinese in this voicebank is minimal.

He was announced for DeepVocal with an official design and his English voicebank in the first English demo for DeepVocal on June 10th, 2019.



His name, 温熙 (Wēn Xī), is comprised of the characters:

温 (Wēn) - Warm

熙 (Xī) - Thriving

His name is meant to represent spring, where Xia Yezi, his counterpart vocal produced by the same company, represents summer.


Wen Xi appears to have a basic design, consisting of pale colored skin and a tall, thin build. He has green hair that lowers into a yellow ponytail, with a design consisting mainly of the colors green, yellow, and white, with mild pink accents. He has a pink, vertically-striped shirt that he wears with a black tye with a dark grey vest layered over it. He then has a white jacket with teal/gold trim and pink accents. He has a faded pink belt and dark brown dress pants, with brown boots covered in gold trim.



Announcement/Reclist and Method Test - "Circles" by Kira bilibili
Cover - "Spectrum" by ZEDD and Matthew Koma bilibili
Product Information
Basic Information
Wen Xi was the first English DeepVocal voice announced. It is a test vocal for English, and it is unknown if it will get an official release.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • He was recorded for the English language.
  • He has only one recorded pitch.
Software Issues as noted:
  • The reclist and method used for his voicebank are both greatly lacking, missing crucial phonemes such as [V] and [I], as well as all diphthongs and ending consonants.
  • The voicebank has somewhat of a low recording quality.
  • His voice provider only speaks Chinese, therefore his voicebank has a noticeable Chinese accent.
Voicebank Sample

None Yet.

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