VICKYloid (ヴィキロイド - Vikiroido) is a Japanese vocal for the DeepVocal engine. She was created by xAinexv (also known as Taika).


On 8th March 2016 she was release for the first time for the UTAU engine. It was the CV type and it was her first voicebank.

On 15th November 2019 was release her the newest voicebank for a UTAU engine through her debut video. It's the VCV type and it contains three pitches- B3, E4, A4.

On 13th July 2020 she was release for a DeepVocal engine through the cover of "Uz".


Extrovert | Intuitive | Feeling | Prospecting (ENFP)

Secretly she is a great fan of voicaloid (especially she loves Hatsune Miku!). She is a little bit reckless and silly, but you can't get bored with her! She is very sensitive, she cries on most of sad movies or songs.

Likes: All vocaloids, violet color, candies, singing for others, sea, all her friends

Dislike: Broccoli, cleaning up her room, maths, global pollution.


Her name came from the name Victoria.


Her look in the DeepVocal design is significantly different, but it's entirely basing on her official UTAU design. The only features that have remained unchanged are the hair, eye color, body posture and colors.

She is wearing a white blouse with a collar, purple belt and frills attached to it. The blouse has a purple ribbon and belts, characteristic for VICKY. The blouse hides under a black skirt with purple accents and frills. She has white stockings with purple lace on her legs and shoes with high heels on her feet. As always, she is wearing white gloves, also with a frill. Her hair is pinned up at the sides and tied with white bows. She has a pair of purple small earrings on her ears.



Uz by Orangestar YouTube SoundCloud
Product Information
  Genre: Pop  Tempo: 80 - 140  Range: F3 ~ E5
Basic Information
The voicebank has a teenage, feminine type of voice.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • It was recorded for the Japanese language only.
  • It contains three pitches: B3, E4, A4.
  • It contains soft "r" (ex. -la/ a_l/ la).
  • It contains "v" samples (ex. -va/ a_v/ va).
  • It contains 3 breaths in (ex. br1, br2, br3)




  • She has younger brother- Ƨamuel.
  • Her attribute is a stick.
  • Her favourite color is purple.
  • In the first conceptart for UTAU engine she was portrayed as a robot.
  • Her initial attribute was supposed to be a chair.
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