Tsunone Yuuko (角音ユウコ(つのねゆうこ)) is a vocal for the DeepVocal engine. She is developed and voiced by her creator Reoriie. Originally a UTAU, she was ported to DeepVocal so other people can use her through this program.

This character was formerly known as Yuko Emine (恵美音裕子), but now goes by her new name after rework.


On September 10th, 2013, Yuuko's first voicebank was released with the song Erica by Okame-P to be used with UTAU. It was the first voicebank to be made for public use.

This character is still in development for the UTAU and DeepVocal programs and there will be more banks in the future.

On July 17th, 2019, Yuuko's development for DeepVocal started. Reoriie released her new voicebank on July 29th, 2019 through a track on SoundCloud featuring the song ARROW by niki.


Yuuko is a demon with a passion for drinking wine. Personality-wise, she is a very outgoing, caring, and protective person. She is known to throw dinner parties, to which she invites her many friends. Be careful to not mistake her kindness for gullibility. Although she is kind she will fight back with anything she deems to be morally wrong.


  • Tsunone (角音) meaning "horned sound."
  • Yuuko (ユウコ) meaning "abundant child."


In her DeepVocal design she wears a black romper with a white coat, boots, and red socks. She has a long, barbed demon's tail alongside small pointy horns.

  • Body type - fit and curvy
  • Skin colour - fairly pale
  • Hair style - m-shaped bangs; short hair with long front bangs
  • Hair colour - dark brown
  • Eye colour - dark reddish-brown



Release Song - ARROW by niki SoundCloud [1]
Song Cover - Ievan Polkka by Otomania SoundCloud [2]
Product Information
  Genre: Ballad/Pop/Rock/Electronic  Range: F#3 ~ G#5
Basic Information
• She is a youthful voice. Her voice is more on the solid side, but is flexible with correct tuning.

• Yuuko's voicebank includes breaths, ending breaths, experimental glottal stops, and vowel startings/endings.

Bank/Phonetic Information

• This voicebank is recorded to be used with the Japanese language and a little Engrish.

• Multi-pitch CVVC with some extras.

Software Issues as noted:

• She is not suitable for more powerful songs thus far.

• Some of her vowels may be choppy when first in a line.

• Her glottal stops are experimental and may not sound right.


  • 4-pitch CVVC JPN: bit (dot) ly/2GAN53K



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