Toka Aki (兎歌アキ) is a vocal for the DeepVocal engine.

They have a Japanese voicebank both voiced and developed by YukitoYuki (幸兔雪).


Toka Aki was originally first released under the name "Tokane Aki (兎歌音アキ)" on 16 October 2013 as a voicebank for UTAU software. On 18 August 2015, they got officially renamed as Toka Aki (兎歌アキ).

During the time from 2013 to 2019, Toka Aki got multiple voicebanks released on UTAU such as Finnish VCV, Arpasing English, Mandarin Chinese CV, and Japanese VCV, CVVC and CV voicebanks.

On 13 August 2019, the official download link of Toka Aki's DeepVocal Japanese voicebank was shared on YukitoYuki's personal Twitter. Later, on 19 August 2019, the official voicebank distribution video was uploaded on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Nico Nico Douga.


Aki is generally a warm-hearted person who’s kind and helpful. They might be a little shy for the first time but after a few hours, they're very outgoing and chatty. Their gender expression is something between androgynous and feminine.

They're bad at lying and defending themselves. New situations make them often nervous and can be coward and clumsy at times.

They like their girlfriend UTAU/DeepVocal Aino Erufu, white pet rabbit Möykkyli, apple pie, cafe au lait, and cute things.

They do not like their little sister Toka Kiia, black coffee, and cooked fish.


兎歌/Toka means "rabbit song" in Japanese.

アキ/Aki is a Finnish male given name but is also a given name in Japanese meaning "autumn".


Toka Aki has shoulder-length gold hair which has two braids covering their ears. They have round green eyes, freckles on their face and yellow-painted nails.

Aki's clothing overall covers most of his skin except their hands and face. Their clothing is a rabbit-themed Ouji style. Their long-sleeve green shirt has a rabbit patter with white rabbit laces. On the top of the long-sleeve green shirt, they wear a white neck warmer which is around a big green ribbon with a removable argyle shaped ruby accessory.

Aki wears short brown pants that have four buttons, brown laces on the leg of pants, and brown suspenders. Under brown pants, they wear vertical lined white and green long socks. The leather boots have rabbit ears and green bootlace.




Cover - “学校を休んだ日のこと” (Gakkō wo yasunda hi no koto) by 幸兔雪 YouTube bilibili SoundCloud
Product Information
  Genre: Pop, Jazz, Electronic, Ballad  Range: C3~C5
Basic Information
• An androgynous voice with a dark tone ideal but not limited to Pop, Jazz, Electronic, and Ballad.

• Has 5 different breathe samples in total.

• Has 4 different ん phonemes.

• Have both regular g and nasal g phonemes.

• As extra non-native Japanese phonemes, they have trilled r samples, てゅ/tyu/, どゅ/dyu/, and ヴ/vu/ samples.

Bank/Phonetic Information

• Japanese

• 3 pitch CVVC: G3, B3, and G#4 falsetto.

Software Issues as noted:

• Sounds feminine when singing in falsetto register.

• Although the voice can go as low as C3, it has a strong engine noise in the lower register. For users, avoiding using 3rd octave is advised.

• "ha" phoneme can be strong and choppy. This is due to the absence of -CV samples.

• Due to configuration error, some "r" phoneme transitions are unnatural sounding more like a trill than a tap.

Voicebank Sample
Toka Aki Sample




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