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Taylor Asuka (テーラ アサカ) is a somewhat feminine voicebank, coming to the DeepVocal synthesis engine, developed and recorded by averymuchsir.

Character & History

Taylor was originally a character owned by her illustrator Coffee, Coffee was giving away her ocs (also called doing adopts or adoptables), to which Taylor's voice provider and developer decided to buy one of them. Leading to the existence of who we now know as Taylor Asuka.


On the 6th of ‎June, ‎2021. The production on Taylor officially started.


Taylor is a bubbly gal who loves adventure and takes risks whenever she gets the chance to. Taylor is not originally from Earth but actually from another dimension entirely, where tree bark is made out of chocolate and leaves are made out of marshmallows. She doesn't know how she got here but she's destined to find a way back home. She loves carrots and hates liquorice.


  • Taylor - From an English surname that originally denoted someone who was a tailor, from Norman French tailleur, ultimately from Latin taliare "to cut". Its modern use as a feminine name may have been influenced by the British-American author Taylor Caldwell (1900-1985).
  • Asuka (あすか) - From Japanese 明日 (asu) meaning "tomorrow" and 香 (ka) meaning "fragrance", or from 飛 (asu) meaning "to fly" and 鳥 (ka) meaning "bird". Other kanji combinations can be possible as well.


Taylor is a fox with the colour scheme of a pistachio, her fur is both brown and green. While the tip of her tail and a part of her fur on her head is white. Her leg paws are completely white while her hand paws are brown. All her nails are a pure white.


According to Taylor's illustrator she is based off of a Starbucks drink and her name in the adopts is 'Pistachio Cream Fox'. Which could make one assume Taylor is based off of the drink Pistachio Cream Frappucino or another drink with the same name.

Product Information

Product Information
  Range: Recorded at A3
Basic Information
Taylor is still being recorded and made, she is not anywhere near a BETA release yet
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • Yin-P English CVVC
Voicebank Sample



  • Taylor's voicebank was originally supposed to be recorded on D4, but her voice provider was stupid and didn't realise she hadn't changed the GuideBGM to D4.
  • Despite Taylor being 17, her voice provider is only 14.


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