Takayuki Ryou (隆行遼) is a Japanese voicebank in development for the DeepVocal engine and voiced by Oscar Sprangers (sour_supreme).


Takayuki Ryou initially began development in the summer of 2018 for the UTAU engine. Several test voicebanks were developed for the UTAU engine, with an extremely closed beta occurring later in the year.

With the announcement of DeepVocal in July 2019, development on the UTAU voicebanks was halted in favor of the DeepVocal engine. It is unknown if the UTAU voicebanks will ever be released.


Takayuki Ryou is humanoid robot of unknown function and origin. They fly through space, alone, traveling from one planet to another. Their intention is unknown, however they have been known to sing. Is this something they were programmed to do? Perhaps they came from or have been engrossed in a society where its inhabitants sing to each other? Ryou’s voice seems to calm those around it, as well as themself.


  • 隆行 (Takayuki) means "moving to heights". 遼 (Ryou) means "distant". Together, their name means "moving to distant heights".


  • ​ Takayuki Ryou's design consists of a gray spacesuit with purple accents, blue platform boots and a sleeveless pink/purple coat. The space helmet (though redundant seeing as Ryou is non-human) has built-in headphone speakers on either side.
  • Takayuki Ryou's hair color is purple and its darker at the roots and lighter towards the ends. Their right eye is purple and their left eye is blue. Underneath their eyes are two blue triangular marks.

Product information



六兆年と一夜物語 (Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story) [ALPHA SAMPLE] YouTube
月向うまでのトラベル (Travel Beyond the Moon) YouTube SoundCloud

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Product Information
  Genre: TBA  Tempo: 60-190BPM  Range: E2~F#4
Basic Information
Takayuki Ryou's Japanese voicebank has three pitches. The lower pitch is huskier and softer, the middle pitch has a cool midrange tone, and the higher pitch has a sharper, nasal tone. Overall, the voicebank's three pitches allow for varied tone and expression.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • Japanese
  • There are four breath samples that can be activated by using the following phonemes: "br", "br1", "br2" and "br3".
  • There are glottal stop samples that can be activated by adding this prefix to any vowel phoneme: GS (eg. "GSa", "GSe", etc)
  • There are vocal fry (β) samples that can be activated by adding this prefix to any vowel phoneme: VF (eg. "VFa", "VFe", etc)

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