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Sylver is a voice library exclusive to the DeepVocal 2 Engine.


Sylver will be debuting on the engine on the 14th of February, 2021.

Concept/Character Ideas

  • Sylver is a bright person who is always feline up to spend time with their friends, and loves to make people smile. They're an optimist, and someone who is normally able to see the good in things.
  • Sylver loves to sing, as it allows them to connect and spread positive messages to people across the entire world! They have a habit of slipping cat puns into their speech, and have a habit of slipping into a singing tone of voice even when speaking. They also ramble a lot.
  • Sylver's favourite time of year is Halloween!
  • Sylver has a very strong sweet tooth; loving anything sweet, and also enjoys salty food a lot.
  • Sylver is British, and also totally falls into the stereotype of liking tea.
  • Sylver hates spicy food with a passion, as it burns their tongue. Their nose, being very sensitive, makes them uncomfortable when near spicy food, as it can hurt their nose. They also dislike very bitter things.


Sylver's name comes from the colour, as well as the word sylvan. The former linking to their general optimism, and willingness to see the brighter side of things. The latter referring to something in or near forests and trees. Which links to Sylver's generally calm and peaceful demeanour, however just the forests, Sylver can be extremely active and full of life.


Sylver is yet another FURloid character created for the DeepVocal Engine. They are a feline who has mainly light grey fur (#DEDCDD), with a white chin to underbelly, with their hands and feet being a darker shade of grey (#ACA5A9). They have long, pastel pink (#FAC5E0) hair, that goes down to the knees of their digitigrade legs, and their eyes are a cherry pink. (#F02872)

Sylver wears a white hoodie with a pink (#F02872) heart on the front, which matches their eye colour. Has thigh high socks that are pastel pink (#FAC5E0) and white striped. Wears a pastel pink (#FAC5E0) heart collar around their neck.


恋愛裁判 (Love Trial) - Voice Reveal YouTube
Product Information
  Genre: Pop-Rock  Tempo: TBA  Range: TBA
Basic Information
Sylver has a bright youthful voice. Sylver will likely work best in stronger styles like Pop-Rock, Funk-Rock and Electro-Pop.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • They're recorded for the Japanese language, with Engrish capabilities.
Software Issues as noted:
  • Glottal stops sound like abrupt stops.


None as of current.



No art as of current.


  • Everyone gets to dress up in amazing costumes on Halloween, and sing super cool songs, and may or may not binge on candy for the next week after. They love it so much that they have forgot their birthday multiple times in their excitement.
  • When it comes to tasty treats; there's none in the world that can match Chocolate Cheesecake for them, and they will steal it from you if they get the opportunity.
  • They prefer tea with 3 teaspoons of sugar, and about 39% milk to water ratio. Just like their tea, they like their hot chocolate extra creamy.