Suoyun Rila (索韵Rila | Suǒ Yùn Rila) is a Chinese and Japanese vocalist for the DeepVocal engine.


On January 19th, 2017, Suoyun Rila's first Japanese voicebank was released for the UTAU synthesizer,[1] and a CVVChinese voicebank was released on June 30th, 2017.

A further update was released on February 11th, 2018, including two new Japanese appends and an update to her Chinese voicebank.[2]

The first demonstration of her Sharpkey voicebank was uploaded to Bilibili on April 29th, 2018.[3]

On February 3rd, 2019, her Chinese and Japanese Sharpkey voicebanks were demonstrated on Bilibili, and the completed voicebanks were distributed to members of the public testing group.[4] She was noted to be the first bilingual Sharpkey singer, and also that she was the first singer for the "new" Sharpkey Galaxy, needing the latest version of the Sharpkey Galaxy editor.

Suoyun Rila's Chinese and Japanese voicebanks were released internationally on February 16th, 2019.[5]

Since the debut of DeepVocal on July 15th, 2019, Suoyun Rila became a DeepVocal in name, however, she crashes when attempting to use her in the editor.

On February 10th, 2021, a DeepVocal 2 version of Suoyun Rila Chinese was released (along side a new Chinese vocal called Yue Jian Yi) over Bilibili.[6] thus making the need for sharpkey not needed anymore



Her name translated into English means,

索 (Suǒ) - Search

韵 (Yùn) - Rhyme

Rila - Likely a given name.

Therefore, her name can be interpreted as "Search Rhyme Rila."

Her name in Japanese is "Sakuin Rila" (索韻リラ).


Suoyun Rila has pale skin and a slim, childish figure. She has a pink, yellow, white, and blue color scheme, and a rabbit theme. She wears a white colored collared shirt with pink overalls, a blue bow tie, pink gloves, and pink boots with blue socks. She has blue trim around her gloves and overalls, and she wears a pink rabbit-ear hood. She has long coiled blonde hair, and she has two white pom-pom balls connected to a scarf-like pink and blue cape.

She is illustrated by Tiko, who also illustrated Lian Hua.

Product Information


离人愁 (Leaving People) bilibili
魔法旋律 (Mófǎ Xuánlǜ) bilibili
黑凤梨 (Hēi Fènglí) bilibili
幻舞玲珑 (Huàn Wǔ Línglóng) bilibili
东风第一枝 (Dōngfēng Dì Yī Zhī) bilibili
我的名字 (What's My Name?) SoundCloud
山河令&三苦生 (Shānhé Lìng & Sān Kǔ Shēng) bilibili
PONPONPON bilibili

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Rila's voicebanks are distributed through QQ to Chinese users. Internationally there are official mirrors:


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