Snowlett (スノーレット, Sunoreto) is a Japanese vocal for the DeepVocal engine.


On 5th October 2019 she was release for the first time for UTAU engine through her debut video. It was VCV voicebank and it contained six appends (basic, strong, darks, pepper, biscuit and salty). Before that voicebank, she had another, CVVC type, but it was unavailable for download.

On 21th March 2020 was was release for the DeepVocal engine through the cover of "一輪の花を、貴方に (I Will Give A Flower, To You)".


She is nice and quite sensitive. She dresses in a sweet style, sometimes overly charming, often wears too big sweatshirts.

Snow loves to eat cotton candy and onigiri. Her favorite colors are pastels, especially purple. She loves dancing and snow.


We don't know where exactly  came from her name and what it means, but for sure it's related with a snow.


Her design for DeepVocal engine is significantly different from the design for UTAU engine, although the color theme remained.

The eye color is the same as the hair color, which turns white/grayish at the tips. They are fastened at the back. There are two white stripes on her face (under her eyes), one stripe for each eye. She has two pairs of ears, the bottom pair has earrings in the shape of stars.

She is wearing a purple overalls with shorts and bare shoulders. On the neck she wears a black choker with a star-shaped pendant. She has a down blue jacket on her shoulders, which gently falls off them. On her legs she has semi-transparent tights with stars, purple socks and boots with high heels.



一輪の花を、貴方に (I Will Give A Flower, To You) YouTube SoundCloud
Product Information
  Genre: Pop  Tempo: 80 - 160  Range: A3 ~ D5
Basic Information
The voicebank has a teenage, feminine and sweet type of voice.

It contains three appends- basic (neutral voice), dark (deeper voice) and strong (stronger voice).

Bank/Phonetic Information
  • It was recorded for the Japanese language only.
  • It contains three pitches: C#4 (Dark), F4 (Basic) and G#4 (Strong).



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