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Ser0 was a potential voicebank from JAE VOCAL PROJECT that was developed and voiced by Purpled. In February 2021, her DeepVocal production was announced as cancelled.[1]


Ser0 was originally released as an English UTAU on January 1, 2017.

Canary was the first of the JAE VOCAL PROJECT cast to receive a DeepVocal voicebank. It later was confirmed that Ser0, Xiao Meihua, and Xiao Shancha would also be receiving DeepVocal voicebanks, but there was no set schedule yet.[2]

On July 19, 2019, a short acapella sample of Ser0's DeepVocal voicebank was revealed on SoundCloud. Ser0's UTAU voicebank was noted to be flexible and could be manipulated to sing in Japanese and Spanish. This was intended to be the same for DeepVocal.[3]

All members of JAE VOCAL PROJECT would have their DeepVocal illustrations done by Oweruru.[4]

In February 2021, it was announced that Purpled departed from JAE VOCAL PROJECT, resulting in any development plans for Ser0 to be cancelled. This included her DeepVocal voicebank. Even though Ser0 would no longer be receiving any new voicebanks, she was still part of the group and she would still be promoted via songs and merchandise. Her UTAU voicebank was still made available for public use.


Ser0 is a mischievous character.


"Ser0" is a combination of "Ser" and "0" (zero) or "∅" (null). It is similar to the Spanish word "cero". When broken down, "Ser" is the Spanish word meaning "to be".

Taking these definitions into consideration, her name can be interpreted as a play on for "to be zero" or "to be nothing". She can also be referred to as just "Ser".


Ser0 has black short hair and magenta eyes. It was confirmed that her DeepVocal design would have been different to her UTAU counterpart, but it was never created due to the incompletion of the voicebank, therefore, no design was ever revealed to the public.


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マカロン (MACARON) - Short acapella version SoundCloud
Die In A Fire - Short acapella version SoundCloud

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Product Information
  Genre: TBA  Tempo: TBA  Range: TBA
Basic Information
Details are unknown. Ser0 is an alto vocalist with a rich, deep timbre. Although Purpled's CVVC reclist was designed for English, it also supports Spanish. The voicebank can also be manipulated into singing in Japanese. This voicebank was never released due to its cancellation in February 2021.
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  • English
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