Seishi Starchaser (誠志・スターチェイサー) is a Japanese voicebank from StarRise Project that is managed by StarChaser-C, developed by HitCoder and voiced by Migi. He is the first character released from the StarRise Project in both UTAU and DeepVocal.


Seishi was released for UTAU on July 1, 2019.[1] Shortly after, he was released for DeepVocal on July 27.[2] The first song to feature his DeepVocal voicebank was not released until August 7.[3]


Seishi is the show runner and head creation as the starter of the StarRise Project. According to the website, his design is that of space and the planets. He is actually a billion years old, though he appears and acts like an eighteen year old.

In his readme, he is conceptualized as a child blessed from the galaxy who was given permission to learn about new sounds and planets.

Seishi likes:

  • Outer space
  • Astronomy
  • Video games
  • Murder mystery novels
  • Blue
  • Naps
  • Sleeping
  • Cats
  • Mythical creatures
  • The idea of magic
  • Winter
  • Christmas

He dislikes:

  • Spicy food
  • Summer
  • Excessive gore
  • Doctors
  • Horror films
  • Being woken up from naps
  • Loud noises
  • Eggplants
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Zombies
  • Unfriendly people


Seishi's name doesn't have a specific meaning but is based on galaxies and the night sky.


Seishi has white short hair with a blue streak on the left side of his bangs. His eyes are heterochromic: a blue left eye and a red right eye. He has a black sweater speckled with white circles with faded edges to resemble objects in space. He wears a pair of black and white ruffled shorts with a small pink bow in the front. His long boots are speckled like his sweater. On his neck, he wears a black scarf tipped with red. The ends of the scarf are torn.


  • Novallus Moondancer: Seishi's anti-self. He calls himself Seishi's 'Shadow' and has a deep hatred for his counterpart. They are seen as reluctant enemies, although one-sided from Novallus.
  • X-Y-R-3-N: A self imposed roboticaloid, made from the left over space remains of failed Seishi genetics and beta parts of previous voice samples. Dislikes Seishi.
  • Syndra Vashti: Commonly paired with Seishi for projects. Seen as his den mother.
  • Chi Ventus: Fellow member of the StarRise Project.
  • Xiao Meihua: Friend. Seishi views her as his role model.
  • Xiao Meiye: Friend. Seishi views him slightly as a brother figure.

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Voicebank libraries

Product Information
  Genre: TBA  Tempo: TBA  Range: TBA
Basic Information
Details are currently unknown, but the Japanese voicebank uses the same recordings as the UTAU counterpart. This is a young male vocal. It uses TakahashiKumiko19's reclist for CV.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • Japanese:
    • When it comes to mixing, Seishi is considered to be average: not too difficult, but not easy.
    • There may be pronunciation issues; some stemming from the voice provider's American accent.
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Seishi Starchaser - Japanese

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