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Rory is a vocal for the DeepVocal engine. He is developed and voiced by CROW.


RORY was initially intended as a Deepvocal port of the UTAU UV0 (aka Zero), a previously unreleased UTAU voicebank from the voice provider.

He was recorded, configured, and designed the week following December 25th, 2020, and his first voicebanks were released January 8th, 2021.

Months after his V1 release, development for a new voicebank began, starting with the first drafts for his V2 around April of 2021 and ending with the final drafts in October that year. In late October through early November of 2021, his V2 voice library was nearly complete and updates for his appends ("Power" and "Dark") were recorded.

In late November, the voicebank was nearly ready for release and scheduled for December 2021, with the final date being December 12th.

On December 12th, 2021, his V2 release and work began on his appends and a V1.5 (re-configuration of his V1) was planned.


  • An update to his V1 JPN has been planned, as an overall bug fix of his existing voicebanks.
  • An English library has been recorded and is in development.
  • Other languages (such as Chinese, Spanish) have been considered.
  • An MMD model has been in development.


"These shoes were $200 but I found this jacket on the floor of McDonald's" pretty much sums up his personality.


"Rory" is a Scottish given name meaning "red king", which refers to his design.


Rory is a short boy with a mop of red hair covering his eyes. He wears a school uniform with a dark hoodie rather than a blazer, with a bandage on his shin and cheek, and a crown.

Although it is covered by his hair in his V1 Deepvocal design, he has grayish blue eyes.



V1: KING - Kanaria YouTube
V1: Re_Birthday - Mothy YouTube
V2: Electric Angel - YasuoP (Crow Mix) YouTube
V2: Meiteki Cybernetics - Otetsu YouTube

Product Information
  Genre: TBA  Tempo: TBA  Range: Mezzo-soprano
Basic Information
Released 8 Jan 2021 for the DeepVocal engine.

Originally intended to be a port for another vocal from the voice provider, Rory eventually got his own dedicated character.

Rory uses a CVVC reclist written by Delta.

Bank/Phonetic Information

Recorded for the Japanese language, Rory V1 has a nasally boyish tone.

  • There are three expressions - Power, Soft, and Dark, while the “Natural” voice belongs to his beta.
  • His “Natural” voice has considerable background noise.
  • His “Dark” voice has trouble on higher notes and has samples that stick out in volume.
  • His “Soft” voice has some misconfigured samples.
Voicebank Sample
  • V1 Beta - Included with V1 as "Rory JPN Natural"

  • V1 Natural - Included as "Rory JPN Power"

  • V1 Dark - Included as "Rory JPN Dark"

  • V1 Soft - Included as "Rory JPN Soft"

Product Information
Basic Information
(Scheduled to release December 2021)

Rory’s V2 update is an overall rehaul of his voice with new recordings and extra samples. He uses the same reclist as his V1 with added samples by CROW.

  • Rory's appends are to release separately from his main update.
Bank/Phonetic Information

Rory’s V2 has an older tone compared to his V1.

Voicebank Sample

V2 Demo - “Snowman”

V2 Power Demo - "Melt"


Currently, Rory has two versions available (V1 and V2). As of 12/12/2021, only V1 (four expressions) + V2 Natural are available. Rory V1 is available as an install exe while Rory V2 is available as both installer and zip format.

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