Printto Magicbeat, originally an UTAU, developed to be used in Thai songs. He has a Thai DeepVocal voice library that is fully compatible with Thai characters. His Japanese voice library is recorded as multi-pitch voicebank with Falsetto.


Overall History

Printto Magicbeat is originally UTAU since 2014. He is known for his ability to sing in many languages. He can sing up to 7+ languages in UTAU. His first DeepVocal voice library is recorded in Thai. Later, his Japanese DeepVocal library got released.


- 1st Ranking in UTAU Thailand Ranking 2017

- The Most Popular in UTAU Thailand Ranking 2018


The concept is not very specific. He is funny, polite, magical and very friendly. He can fly with his own magic. He used to have one UTAU twin; Yokina Magicbeat.

Old Information

There is some old information that may still be used as current references: his character item is Papaya, his hair is made of cotton candy and he dislikes working. However, these pieces of information are not very strict to follow as his personality can change according to the user.

Related Characters

- Violet Aura (friend)

- Onika Maruyama (friend)

- Itsuto Okaru (friend)

- Yokina Magicbeat (twin)

- Feel free to add more to the list here...

Voice Libraries

Main Project

Recorded in the high quality studio.

- Printto Magicbeat ภาษาไทย Phase-1

- Printto Magicbeat JP-1 (Japanese Multi-pitch + Falsetto)

Alter Project

Recorded in the home studio. Not very high in sound quality but configured in the same way as the main project.

- Printto Magicbeat Alter: EAccent (not the final name)

- Printto Magicbeat Alter: Chinese

Product Information


Packaged (Thai ver.) YouTube
ชู้แต่เธอไม่รอบ YouTube
ハジメテノオト YouTube
楊芸晴 Sunnee / Sunny YouTube
Product Information
Basic Information
Thai Phase-1: Designed to sing in Thai. The word list was developed from UTAU's Thai CVVC 2017 recording list. The voice library is mono-pitch

Japanese-1: Designed to sing in Japanese. Multi-pitch with Falsetto support.

Bank/Phonetic Information

Thai Phase-1: Use a custom phonetic list developed from PRINTmov's Thai CVVC 2017 UTAU recording list. The voice library supports Thai characters for easier use.

Japanese-1: Recorded with Romaji phonetic list. Supports Hiragana characters.

Software Issues as noted:

Thai Phase-1: No issue at the moment.

Japanese-1: The word "da" in the green pitch is not configured correctly but hardly noticeable in high tempo songs.


Voice libraries and MikuMikuDance models can be downloaded at official PRINTmov's Website


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