Morgan is an upcoming Japanese vocalist for the upcoming DeepVocal engine.


Morgan was previously a private, unreleased UTAU.

On June 18th, Morgan was announced for DeepVocal through a SoundCloud post by Chorical CEO Infoholic.



"Morgan" is a Welsh name meaning sea chief or famous magician.

His nickname "Mory" comes from Gaelic "Ó Mórdha," meaning great, proud, and/or stately.

Another nickname for him, "Mori," is a Japanese boy's name meaning "forest."


Though his full design is yet to be revealed, he has light brown hair and mustard colored eyes. He has pale skin and wears a white collared t-shirt and a black tie with a navy colored cloak with red trim laying on top.



"Soar" by minato SoundCloud
Product Information
Basic Information
Morgan is an upcoming Japanese DeepVocal. He has a clear-toned masculine tone.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • He was recorded for the Japanese language.
Voicebank Sample

None yet.


DeepVocal Voices
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