Mo Yu (莫羽 | Mò Yǔ) is a vocal for the DeepVocal engine developed by the Shaohe Project. He was the first male voice announced for DeepVocal, and the second overall.


Mo Yu was announced on June 7th, 2019, on Bilibili by a video posted onto the Shaohe Project's channel. This video shows Mo singing "スヂ" (Suji | Sinews), a popular song by Japanese artist Maretu.



When translated directly into English, the Chinese characters that compose his name, "莫羽", mean:

莫 (Mò) - Lonely

羽 (Yǔ) - Feather

Together, his name means “Lonely Feather.”


Mo Yu has pale skin and a light build. He has short purple hair which goes into a fringe, covering his right eye. He wears a white deep collared shirt that is not tucked in and dark purple dress pants, with a chain wrapping around one of them. He has a purple jacket which has yellow and silver accents. The collar on it is upturned, and the left sleeve is much longer than the right sleeve. He wears black boots and thin, black glasses.



Cover - "スヂ" (Suji | Sinews) by MARETU bilibili
Cover - "Q" by ぽわぽわP (Powapowa P) bilibili



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