梅颜May (Meiyen May) is a Japanese vocalist for the upcoming DeepVocal engine.


May was announced via a short cover of Patchwork Staccato on June 21st, 2019. Her name was unknown at this point, but the leader DchS project revealed her name and official art on July 15th.



May has pale pink skin, and curly ash blonde hair in a bob hairstyle. She wears dark red lipstick and has yellow eyes. Her dress reaches her ankles and is loosely inspired by traditional Chinese wear. Notable accessories of hers include a gold and black fan, black earrings, bracelets with white and deep red fabric, and bow-shaped anklets. She also wears a white necklace and a red shawl.


Her full name is listed as 梅颜 May, with 梅颜(Meiyen) being her full name and May being her official English name. 梅("Mei") means "Plum" in Chinese, and 颜("yen") can mean either "face" or "color." Put together, her name can mean "Plum Face" or "Plum Color." Her English name, May, refers to the month of the year which is derived from the Latin word Maius.

Product Information


“ツギハギスタッカート” (Tsugihagi Staccato) bilibili
"镜面之波" (Mirror Wave) bilibili
Product Information
  Range: C3-G4
Basic Information
May is currently in Beta at version 0.22. She has a low, mature voice.
Bank/Phonetic Information

She was recorded for the Japanese language.

Software Issues as noted:

Her high range is noticeably quiet, as she is monopitch.

Voicebank Sample

None yet.


May JPN Alpha 1.1.0

DeepVocal Voices
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