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Matthew is a vocal for the DeepVocal engine. He first began production as an UTAU but developement switched to DeepVocal.


Matthew was first released for the UTAU engline in 2012 under the name RV 01 Matt in Japanese. After that came Appends (Power, Soft, Sweet, Native) And updates to the original bank. In 2013 was released the second iteration under the name Wakaine Matt. This release contained a Japanese DB and an English one. After that, there weren't many releases, only for select people or for beta testing.

In 2019, developement shifted to DeepVocal. At the moment there are 4 voicebanks in developement: Japanese, Korean, English and Romanian. The Japanese and Korean voicebanks are using new recordings, while the English and Romanian voicebank use older recordings.

The voicebanks will be released at different times, The Japanese and Korean voicebanks being planned for release in Spring 2020.



The name is the English variant of the providers name


He has jet black hair and hazel eyes. He is tall and quite slender. He wears a blue, long sleaved blouse, yellow pants and boots.



Love Trial (Japanese Beta Demo) SoundCloud
Likey (Korean Beta Demo) SoundCloud
Athena (English Alpha Demo) SoundCloud
Solo (English Beta Demo) SoundCloud

Vocal libraries


At the moment, no voicebanks have been released. Planned release for Japanese and Korean voicebanks is Spring 2020.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the release date was pushed for end of may - early june.


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