"Lovely tuna fish plush and a human-like creature."


Maguro San originally a UTAU,

Maguro San was the legendary tuna fish who love to listen to music from the sailors and it want to be a singer like a human.

The legendary tuna fish made a contract with a sea witch by exchanging all of the legendary tuna's power(ex. have a long lifespan,can control giant school of tuna) with a human-like vessel because it want to fulfill its dream.

The sea witch put the legendary tuna's soul into the human-like vessel and change its name to "Maguro San". 

Finally Maguro San live in human world. It is a freelance singer.

Voice range: F3-A4   

Item: tuna fish plush

Hair color: White         

Eye color: Purple

Nationality: Thai



first impression: a adorable girl.. or maybe a boy who have a good manner 5 min later.. Uncle maguro

Like: beer,coffee,music

Dislike: noisy,chocolate,ugly things


Maguro San Mono-Pitch

Config by PRINTmov (Printto Magicbeat)

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