MAT is an upcoming male library for DeepVocal.


MAT (previously known as Shir0) was first released for the UTAU engine on September 23rd, 2013. He received multiple languages voicebanks, which are currently being reworked. English, Chinese and Polish voicebanks are in progress and are also planned to be released for DeepVocal.

On June 25, 2019 a test sample of Japanese DV VB was uploaded to SoundCloud.



MAT's full name is Mateusz (a popular Polish name).


MAT has both human and anthropomorphic/furry forms. In the human form he still posseses the animal ears and tail. His hair and fur are completely white and his eye are bright blue. He wears a black jacket with red accents, a black-white layered tanktop underneath, dark red shorts with two stripes each side combined with black leggings, black boots with red accents, arm sleeves and a choker. Although he has different outfit designs for each language voicebanks the Japanese one is considered default.

Product Information


First test/sample - かえるの歌 (Kaeru no uta ga) SoundCloud
Cover - 立ち向かえ!君はカッコイイ! (Tachimukae! Kimi wa Kakkoii!) SoundCloud



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