Lian Hua (莲华 | Lián Huá) is a vocalist for the DeepVocal engine. She was originally released for the Sharpkey engine.


Lian Hua started as a CV Chinese NiaoNiao, when she was uploaded to NiaoNiao's company's website, on March 9th, 2014.

She would have many more releases on both the NiaoNiao software and the UTAU software, culminating in multiple CVVChinese style voicebanks in various tones and a CV Japanese UTAU voicebank.

She was the first vocal released as part of the Sharpkey Galaxy project. She is the fourth vocal released for the Sharpkey engine in general and, since DeepVocal has been announced, has become a DeepVocal.

On March 19, 2020, Lian Hua recieved an official DeepVocal voicebank. The voicebank can only be acquired through joining a QQ group.



When translated into English, "莲华" means,

莲 (Lián) - Lotus

华 (Huá) - Flower

It can be assumed that Lian Hua's name can be translated as "lotus flower," representing her cute yet small voice and design.


Lian Hua has the appearance of a typical 14-year-old child, with a small dress and a very thin, barbie-like figure. She appears to have a flower theme across her. She dresses in mainly the colors salmon and white, with her hair being solid salmon, having a twin-tail hairstyle with loops where they branch off from her scalp, connected with white bows. She wears a ruffled salmon and dark grey dress with large shoulders and a golden collar. The dress has a small golden ornament on it, and she is wearing golden rings around her upper thighs. She wears ornate, white/salmon shoes, and holds a microphone that appears to be styled to appear like a lotus. She is wearing salmon gloves, as well.

Product Information


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Voicebank Libraries

Product Information
Basic Information
Lian Hua is a DeepVocal and was the fourth vocal released for Sharpkey. She has a cute, childish, soft voice.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • She was recorded for the Mandarin Chinese language.
  • She has four recorded pitches.
Voicebank Sample
Lian Hua




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