"桐山ルアン (LUAN Kiriyama)" is a Japanese male vocal for the DeepVocal engine. It is currently in alpha, but is being distributed as an "open beta".


Your name can be translated into English as follows:

  • LUAN – Means “lion,” “mighty as a lion,” “he protects and is just,” “warrior”; “relative to the Moon”, “the son of the Moon”.
  • Kiriyama – His surname means “misty mountains.”


  • Luan has pink hair and long fox ears that follow the same color as her white interior.
  • Unlike the vast majority of "nekomimi" characters, it has 2 pairs of ears, 1 on top of its head and the other two in the normal place for humans.
  • Their clothes are winter specific, wearing one over all and boots with resistance to cold and heat (for some reason they also cool the body of the wearer.)
  • It has a drone that has numerous sensors, which serves both to communicate at a distance and to be able to be in two places at once.


  • It has a Normal Voicebank and has been announced two more extensions (soft and Spanish).
  • Recorded for the Japanese language (Romaji/Hiragana) - CV-VX.
  • It contains three pitches recorded in the provider's natural tone.
  • It has some extra phonemes like: l and v, it has finishing breaths that can be used using the "H", it also has a set of breaths using: br1 to br5.
  • Inside the installation folder it contains some speech and voice action recordings and extra breaths to be used in mixing. This folder also includes all illustrations of the character and his logo.


Voicebank Download can be found on its official page:

Product Information
  Genre: Ballad, J-POP, Classic  Tempo: 60 ~ 220  Range: D#2 ~ E#5
Bank/Phonetic Information


Voicebank Sample

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