Kuro Bousuku (黒昴宿 | くろぼうすく) is a Japanese male vocalist for the DeepVocal engine.


Kuro was initially released for the UTAU engine on September 23rd, 2014.[1] Since then he has been updated, received extensions, as well as more languages.[2] On June 21st, 2019 his DeepVocal debut was posted onto Twitter.[3] It is unknown how many, if any, of the additional voice libraries will be ported to the DeepVocal engine at this time.



Kuro (黒) refers to "black", a prominent color in his designs. Bousuku (昴宿) has yet to be fully interpreted.


Kuro is a rather fit young man in most depictions. His default outfit is of him wearing your average student attire; white dress shirt (with sleeves rolled up), black dress pants, with a black and red tie. His hair is short and black, with his eyes being a vibrant red that also appear on the soles of his boots.

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あなたの願いをうたうもの Twitter Demo 1
雲の遺跡 Twitter Demo 2
SHAKER Twitter Demo 3

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