Kitsune is an exclusive DeepVocal singer


This DeepVocal was created exclusively for the DeepVocal synth, the character was created by prototype2937, the original design made by TimLakeCheetah, and remade by ArieruTheFoxP, the voice was given by ArieruTheFoxP, Voice also from UTAU's Arieru Positive & Negative

on July 28th and published his VoiceBank on youtube



Kitsune= Fox



his appearance is that of an anthropomorphic fox with horns on his head, and on his shoulders, his coat is orange brown and white, his eyes are red, he wears a cool outfit, a brown blouse wide open on the sides with an orange printed pentagram, a very wide pair of brown pants, slightly orange, she is a bit of a drop showing part of her underwear written "DEMON", and she wears brown shoes with a printed pentagram

Product Information


【狐化け物】TEO【DeepVocal カバー / DEMO】 SoundCloud
【DeepVocal VB Release】ゴーストルール【狐化け物 ACT1.0】 YouTube


Kitsune Bakemono logo

logo by ArieruTheFoxP

Kitsune Bakemono - Front ALT

RefSheet by ArieruTheFoxP - ATL1

Kitsune Bakemono - Front

RefSheet by ArieruTheFoxP

Kitsune Bakemono - Front (clothes ALT1)

RefSheet Clothes by ArieruTheFoxP - ALT1

Kitsune Bakemono - Front (clothes)

RefSheet by ArieruTheFoxP - clothes

1573516099.juniorjosi dragonfox

Original Desing by TimLakeCheetah

狐化け物 - full (no wing)

Fullart by ArieruTheFoxP - No wings

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