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Kiana (琪亚娜 | Qí Yà Nà) is a voice for the upcoming DeepVocal engine, and was the second vocalist for the original Sharpkey engine (though she is compatible with DV).


Kiana was a previously established character before her introduction to DeepVocal, as she was a commission by her company, miHoYo Co. This character was Kiana Kaslana of the Chinese mobile game Honkai Gakuen, a main protagonist.

On December 7, 2016, Kiana was released for the Sharpkey engine through a cover. She may receive updates in the future, though it is unlikely.

Since the debut of DeepVocal on June 7th, 2019, she has, in name, become a DeepVocal, and is compatible with that engine.


According to her profile in Honkai Gakuen (Guns Girl Z), "Kiana Kaslana is the descendant of the Kaslana Clan, she is also the descendant of the Destined one. She is a sorceress who knows a great deal about the Apocalypse. She is not affected by the Source Energy due to the clan's immunity."

Her personality has been stated as "She is very brave and determined and always care for her friends. A pervert."


"琪亚娜" (Qí Yà Nà) (romanized as Kiana) has no official meaning given and is likely just a given name.


Her DeepVocal/Sharpkey design is drastically different from her previous designs, with the only traits kept being her eye color as well as her hair and physical features. She sports a short purple dress with sound-wave lining, a matching purple choker with a hot pink flower attached, white flared transparent gloves, stockings that are hot pink and digitally fade in from her skin, and matching hot pink heels.


She has many relations to other characters in the Honkai Gakuen and Honkai Impact franchises, as seen on her official Western wiki page.



Cover - 繁星 (Yǐnqíng | Star) by 李魏西 (Lǐ Wèixī) YouTube
Cover - 蝸牛與黃鸝鳥 (Wōniú Yǔ Huánglí Niǎo | Snail and Yellow Ostrich) YouTube
Cover - 极乐净土 (Jílè Jìngtǔ | Bliss Pure Land) by とく (toku) bilibili

Product Information
Basic Information
Kiana was the second vocal released for Sharpkey, though she is now compatible with DeepVocal. She has a teenage feminine voice, similar to Huan Xiao Yi.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • She was recorded for the Mandarin Chinese language only.
  • She contains five pitches.
Software Issues as noted:
  • She can be choppy at times due to the fact she was recorded in the CV format, one of the only two vocals being recorded this way, the other being Huan Xiao Yi.
  • The voicebank is said to be similar sounding to Huan Xiao Yi, almost to the point of being indistinguishable.
Voicebank Sample




  • She was the second vocal for the Sharpkey engine.
  • She was originally from Honkai Impact 3/Guns Girl Z, a mobile game.
  • Her Chinese voice actress in the games is Shan Xin, the voice provider for VOCALOID3 Luo Tianyi. She does not voice her Deepvocal, however, likely due to her VOCALOID product.


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