Huan Xiao Yi (幻晓伊 | Huàn Xiǎo Yī) is a vocal for the upcoming DeepVocal engine. She was the first vocal ever released for the Sharpkey engine, however she is cross-compatible with DeepVocal.


On July 21, 2016, Boxstar released the debut video for the Sharpkey engine and Huan Xiao Yi. They were available for download on that date as well.

In an interview with Vocaloid News Network, on August 25th, it was confirmed that both Huan Xiao Yi and Sharpkey were solely developed by Boxstar.

In the same interview both the name interpretation and introduction, as well as some development information, were revealed, as shown in etymology. Her temporary name during development was "晴音 (Qíng Yīn | Clear Sound)."

Her voice provider has not been revealed, though it has been confirmed she is not involved in the VOCALOID or UTAU communities at all.

Since the debut of DeepVocal on June 7th, 2019, she has become a DeepVocal, and is compatible with that engine.


Boxstar describes her as, "..the singer who leads you to the fantasy world of music." This is reflected in her status as the first vocal developed for the Sharpkey engine.


When "幻晓伊" (Huàn Xiǎo Yī) is directly translated from Chinese into English, the characters that form her name mean:

幻 (Huàn) - Fantasy

晓 (Xiǎo) - Dawn

伊 (Yī) - Beauty


Huan Xiao Yi has the same illustrator as VOCALOID3 YANHE, which may have influenced the finalized design. Concept art shows that Xiao Yi is based off of a piano mixed with a magical singer; She has pale skin and long pink hair that fades into a darker, more saturated hair, and pink is prominent in her color scheme. Her black skirt has a piano pattern and is pink on the inside of the fabric. She wears matching black stockings with light pink boot heels and a bow on her top. Small accessories such as a wristlet and bronze hair tie are included as well.



Release Original - "海星人鱼" (Hǎixīng Rényú | Starfish Mermaid) by DELA_P bilibili
Original - "泠然" (Líng Rán | Suddenly) by 玖玲 (Jiǔ Líng) bilibili
Cover - "极乐净土" (Jílè Jìngtǔ | Bliss Pure Land) by GARNiDELiA bilibili
Cover - "野子" (Yě Zi | Wild Child) by 苏运莹 (Sū Yùnyíng) bilibili
Cover - "千本樱" (Senbonzakura) (Chinese Cover) by 黒うさP (Kurousa P) bilibili
Alpha Sample - "锦鲤抄" (Jǐn Lǐ Chāo | Koi) by 灰原穷 (Huī Yuán Qióng) bilibili


Product Information
Basic Information
Huan Xiao Yi was the first vocal released for Sharpkey, though she is also compatible with DeepVocal. She has a teenage, feminine, mature voice.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • She was recorded for the Mandarin Chinese language only.
  • She contains four pitches.
Software Issues as noted:
  • She can be choppy at times due to the fact she was recorded in the CV format, one of the only two vocals being recorded this way, the other being Kiana.
  • The voicebank is said to be similar sounding to Kiana, almost to the point of being indistinguishable.
Voicebank Sample
Huan Xiao Yi

Download Edit

MMD Edit

  • Her MMD was developed by YYB, a popular MMD artist in the Chinese community, and can be downloaded here. Examples can be seen in the gallery below.



  • She was the first Sharpkey vocal for Sharpkey.
  • She was the first female vocal for Sharpkey.
  • She was the first Chinese vocal for Sharpkey.
  • Her illustrator MQ is also the illustrator of the VOCALOID3 Library YANHE.


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