Hokkai Momo (北海百) is a female Japanese vocal for the DeepVocal engine. She is currently an unreleased developing voice bank.


Momo was made exclusively for DeepVocal and has not been associated with any other synth. Development of the character began in September 2019.


Momo had been a living off the grid for many decades, affecting her attitude towards people and being seclusive. As an okuri inu she has been living in the mountains to watch and guide travelers to safety. She also has the ability to turn into a more beastly form, but she stays human to not scare away others.

Likes: Pork buns, illustrating, astrology

Dislikes: Bees, crowds, being wasteful


"北海" - "North sea"

"百" - Japanese female given name.


Momo takes her physical appearance after Japan's extinct Ezo Wolf. Her short hair is light brown with darker tips matching her ears. She has purple eyes and defining red fang marks under her eyes.

Her outfit consists of a yellow patterned haori, a modified short teal kimono jacket with red flower decals, a yellow and red diamond obi, a split blue hakama, and a dark lacquer wood ippongeta with a bell. Sometimes she wears a large hat known as an ichimegasa.



Product Information
Basic Information
• A soft youthful feminine voice.
Bank/Phonetic Information

• Recorded for the Japanese language.

• 2 pitch CVVC (4 pitches planned)

Software Issues as noted:

• Currently some of the consonants are rather aspirated for a Japanese bank.

• Some of the samples have considerable background noise and need to be replaced.

Voicebank Sample
Hokkai Momo Sample


  • The bank is currently still in development and will be available for beta testing when all desired pitches are recorded and configured.



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