Feng Qing wakasame (风清wakasame | Fēng Qīng wakasame), was an upcoming vocal for Sharpkey before his cancellation.


Feng Qing Wakasame originated as UTAU and NIAONiao voicebanks. His NIAONiao voicebank is a Mandarin Chinese voicebank released on Feburary 10th, 2016, while his UTAU voicebank was a Mandarin Chinese CV-style voicebank released on June 18th, 2017.

Though teased through official accounts and a QQ group, he was eventually cancelled after disputes between the owner of the character and the voicer.



His name, "风清wakasame," when translated into English, means,

风 (Fēng) - Wind

清 (Qīng) - Clear

wakasame - Likely a given name.

Therefore, his name means "Wind Clear wakasame."


He has a yellow/orange color theme, with pale skin and dark orange medium-length hair that has bright yellow tips. He was a golden wristband around his wrist and below his shoulders. He has golden eyes and small triangle-shaped markings below his eyes. He has a slim build and an orange collared shirt with white pants and orange boots. He also has a white belt that has bits of fabric flowing off of it.




Unofficial Cover - "买汤圆" (Mǎi Tāngyuán | Buy Dumplings) by 陈蝶衣 (Chén Diéyī) and 姚敏 (Yáo Mǐn)
Duet with Yuan Xiao
Listed here because it is the only known public useage of Feng Qing wakasame's Sharpkey voicebank.
Product Information
Basic Information
This voicebank has a masculine, somewhat-strong, young adult voice.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • It was recorded for the Mandarin Chinese language only.
Software Issues as noted:
  • Due to its status as a beta voicebank, there are many errors within, such as dynamics issues and choppiness.


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