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Bunny DV is a English, Japanese, and Korean vocal for the DeepVocal engine.



Bunny DV was originally an UTAU, going by the name of "Bunny". Bunny was originally released back in March 1st 2017, and as of 29th December 2020, Bunny has multiple languages in UTAU available for usage.


On the 21st March 2020, Bunny DV has been released and is available for download.

On the 28th August 2020, Yin/Yang-P managed to port Bunny's VCCV UTAU English to DeepVocal with varied success due to how different DeepVocal works compared to UTAU

On the 13th December 2020, Yin/Yang-P has made a brand new reclist specific to DeepVocal for Bunny, and Bunny obtained a new name for her DeepVocal counter part, "Bunny DV". This reclist is also the first English reclist that is available to the public for download, unlike Bukimi, WADE, Wen Xi, and WYNN's English reclist.

The Reclist is claimed to be patented, so do follow the Terms and Conditions listed in the reclist.


On the 2nd February 2021, Bunny DV received a Korean voicebank. However, it is in beta, and that given that Bunny DV's voice provider isn't a native Korean speaker, there may be vocal accents as well.


Smart and artistic. A violent Yandere who likes sweets and murder. She lives in a twisted Alice in Wonderland setting and sets clever traps for her victims. Her teddy bear talks to her and is her only friend. Everyone else in Wonderland thinks she's well-adjusted, but something's a bit off about her that they can't quite place. When men start going missing after meeting her, they all become a little more wary of her presence. - Description of Bunny


There is no meaning to her name.


Bunny DV normally wears a one-piece dress alongside a long-sleeved shirt, having bowties complimenting the design. She has bunny stockings and wears a pair of shoe-laced boots. She has yellow hair tied into a pair of pigtails, and he has blue eyes.



Englsih Cover/Test - Pushing Daisies by nostraightanswer YouTube
Japanese Cover - Suicide Prevention by Komiyachan-P YouTube
Korean Cover - Cherry Blossom Rain by Sangnoksu YouTube
Product Information
Basic Information
• Feminine young voice suitable for high-ranged songs.
Bank/Phonetic Information

• Language recorded for English, Japanese and Korean

• CVVC English with similar phonetics to VCCV UTAU by PaintedCZ/CVVC Japanese with addition consonants for Engrish capabilities/VCCV Korean.

Software Issues as noted:

This usage guide for Bunny DV is only for her NATIVE VCCV Port voicebank and may not apply to her English CVVC voicebank. Will update page once a proper usage guide has been released

• Bunny DV, not being a native speaker of either Japanese or Korean, may have an accent attached to their voice.



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