Bukimi (不気味) is a feminine androgynous vocal library for the upcoming DeepVocal synthesis engine, developed by peYton.



Development of what is described as a port of Bukimi's English voicebank over from UTAU to DeepVocal began in late February of 2020. Given the current state of the phonetic system of DeepVocal, Bukimi's port has been described as frustrating to work with.

A very early build of Bukimi's voicebank that can be tested can be downloaded here.

As a personal reminder from peYton himself, please don't expect a very HQ voicebank or a final product. This is more like a proof of concept voicebank that exists for the purpose of testing things out!



  • [a] = open front unrounded vowel
  • [i] = closed front unrounded vowel
  • [u] = closed back unrounded vowel
  • [A] = open back unrounded vowel
  • [I] = near-close front unrounded vowel
  • [U] = near-close back rounded vowel
  • [E] = open-mid front unrounded vowel
  • [V] = open-mid back unrounded vowel
  • [O] = open-mid back rounded vowel
  • [aI]
  • [aU]
  • [eI]
  • [OI]
  • [oU]
  • [a3]
  • [I3]
  • [E3]
  • [O3]
  • [@] = schwa
  • [@l] = [l] colored schwa
  • [3] = open-mid central unrounded vowel
  • [{] = near-open front unrounded vowel


  • [b] = voiced bilabial plosive
  • [d] = voiced alveolar plosive
  • [f] = voiceless labiodental fricative
  • [g] = voiced velar plosive
  • [h] = voiceless glottal fricative
  • [j] = palatal approximant
  • [k] = voiceless velar plosive
  • [l] = alveolar lateral approximant
  • [m] = bilabial nasal
  • [n] = alveolar nasal
  • [p] = voiceless bilabial plosive
  • [r] = alveolar approximant
  • [s] = voiceless alveolar fricative
  • [t] = voiceless alveolar plosive
  • [v] = voiced labiodental fricative
  • [w] = labial-velar approximant
  • [z] = voiced alveolar fricative
  • [4] = alveolar flap
  • [tS] = voiceless postalveolar affricate
  • [D] = voiced dental fricative
  • [dZ] = voiced postalveolar affricate
  • [N] = velar nasal
  • [S] = voiceless postalveolar fricative
  • [T] = voiceless dental fricative
  • [Z] = voiced postalveolar fricative
  • [ts]
  • [sk]
  • [sm]
  • [sn]
  • [sp]
  • [st]


They are a Bat.

They are described as a gremlin friend that puts everyone else before them. They wear a scarf that mimics that of their arms by default, but also function as extra limbs.


  • 不気味 - Bukimi; Japanese word for "eerie"
  • Christine - (first name); common English feminine name
  • Quaranstein - (surname); Quarantine + Frankenstein


  • Fur color - Sometimes depicted as jet black, however a pastel purple fur pattern is more common
  • Eye color - Purple.
  • Outfit - Striped scarf, white tank top, and either a skirt or booty shorts.
  • Nail colors - Typically painted different shades of purple, but they can be depicted with any color nails.

Product Information

Product Information
  Genre: Pop, Indie  Tempo: 80-150  Range: G3-D5
Basic Information
Bukimi has a soft and breathy androgynous tone.
  • Their range is limited as there is only one pitch.
Bank/Phonetic Information
  • X-SAMPA (Peiton style)
Software Issues as noted:
  • There are some odd buzzing sounds that may occur unless the breath parameter is turned down very low.
  • There are no vowel transitions as of build 0.1. Some other transitions may also possibly be missing.
  • Since consonant transitions aren't natively supported, [C0] notes should be placed before any unvoiced consonant transition. For example, [last] should be inputted as [l{][s0][st][t].
Voicebank Sample
Bukimi sample

Demo 1 - Rotary Dial SoundCloud
Demo 2 - I Am Not A Robot YouTube SoundCloud



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