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WADE(冰水印_WADE) is a multilingual vocal for the DeepVocal engine.



Development for WADE began in December of 2019, planning to have 3 voicebanks: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and English.


All 3 languages were available for the closed Alpha test as of 13th May 2020.

Japanese voicebank has entered open beta stage as of 30th July 2020 and is available for download.

On 23rd October 2020, the logo and name of the voicebank has been decided on, as is called "AQUA-VOICE". As of 24th November 2020, this is to take effect with the release of AQUA-VOICE JPN BETAv1.2

English voicebank has entered open beta stage as of 12th December 2020 and is available for download. As of this update, WADE has attained a new design to emphasize that he is a male.


As of 20th January 2021, WADE received a voicebank update for better compatibility with the newly released DeepVocal 2 program. English voicebank will not be updated to have better compatibility with DV2 until DVTB2's inability to produce sounds for Independent notes is fixed.

On 7th February 2021, WADE's Mandarin voicebank has entered open beta stage and is available for download.

On the 28th June 2021, all developed and developing vocals will no longer be produced exclusively for DeepVocal.


With the release of VocalSharp, all future voicebank development will be moved to there. However current libraries will be maintained for any potential future release of DeepVocal.

Things to note

AQUA-VOICE is the official name of the voicebank. WADE is a mascot meant to represent the voicebank if the user desires to humanize it.


WADE is a positive outgoing Beastman who likes sports. He is determined to make a mark on the world and give a voice to those who cannot.


WADE - "walk with effort through water or another liquid or viscous substance". His English name is a direct remark to the difficulty of developing WADE's 3 voicebanks, especially English.

Translating his Chinese name directly into English, means:

冰(Bīng) - Ice

水(shuǐ) - Water

印(yìn) - Mark

It basically means "Ice cold watermark"


WADE is an anthropomorphic Lemon Shark. His official race is "Fish man". WADE's skin is yellow with a white underbelly and has silver eyes. His attire typically comprises of a light blue tank top and black shorts with cyan highlights. WADE also wears dark blue shoes with shades of blue for markings. For his Beta design he has gained additional muscle mass and a grey breathing gear around his neck.



Japanese Cover/Test - Spirits of the Sea by 米津玄師 YouTube
English Original - My Demo Song by Furloid7 YouTube
Mandarin Cover - 初岚 by Deco*27 YouTube
ENG/JPN/CHN short DEMO clips SoundCloud



Trivia/Fun Facts

  • WADE's Alpha version 0.x is actually a UTAU. Alpha version 1.x onwards is a DeepVocal.
  • WADE had a very feminine voice in the UTAU engine, and his initial design was a female girl.
  • WADE became male in DeepVocal due to the fact that yes, his voice provider is actually male.
  • WADE's English name was literally made because of him getting a English voicebank.
  • WADE is LXUS' counterpart, being voiced in a high pitch.
  • WADE's design is based off a swimmer, one of his voice provider's hobbies.
  • WADE doesn't actually need his breathing gear to breathe.
  • If WADE had a job, he would work at KFC.


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