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Arugo Tsubasa (亜留郷翼 ー あるごつばさ) is a voicebank first released in UTAU in July 2016. He currently supports the Japanese Language.



2016 - Tsubasa's first appareance ever was with the demo "Cold hand" by Live-P on April 2011. Tsubasa was initially released on July 4th 2016 due to a lack of an oto.ini; singing "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru" by ika. This voicebank is known for its tenor tone and its poor recording quality. Tsubasa has been kind of in the making for three years due to multiple appends, and other methods as a test for a future finished voicebank.

2019 - Three years later, Tsubasa's original voicebanks were discontinued and his "remakes" of his appends replaced them. "Whisper" is the first Append voicebank to be in CVVC, "Vivid" having a pretty strong consonant pronunciation, and "Kire" being a Tri-pitch Powerscale. Its first demo was uploaded to Soundcloud on December 29th 2019; "Cry baby" by Melanie Martinez.

2020 - Tsubasa's CV voicebank is called "HARMONY" as a placeholder. The release date is June 6th. Tsubasa has two more official UTAU voicebanks coming soon, "MELODY", and "UNITE". There are two more voicebanks that are planned. The release date is currently unknown.


Tsubasa is an angel god boy living in the superior underground of the darkness of gay within - lasaillax 2020


His old name was "Gavenloid" which was WinterStar's old YouTube channel name however, Ken-chan renamed him under WinterStar's discretion, by a few simple Google searches. They both came up with Tsubasa Arugo, which is Tsubasa (翼, wings), and Arugo (亜留郷, question). Arugo is also the Engrish pronunciation of "Argo", which is Tsubasa's creator's last name.

Appearance and Design 

  • Hair Colour  Dark Blue
  • Fur Colour  Light Blue
  • Eye Colour  Brown.
  • Outfit  Tsubasa's rainbow sweater was added to represent Pride Month, and to show that everyone is perfect the way they are! Under his sweater, he wears a basic white polo shirt, making him look pretty casual. One of his notable accessories includes a gray cross under his polo shirt's collar. On his right ear, there's an earphone with a microphone attached to it. On his pants he wears a belt. He has white sneakers with angel wings on the sides, which is a little throwback to Ken Shippai's ACT 6's shoes.


  • Astronomy
  • Pastel colors
  • Music


  • Hell
  • Black holes
  • Meteoroids


  • Koyote Kirei (Boyfriend)
  • Ken Shippai (Very Close Friend)
  • Mava (Frenemies)
  • Kazuki Unmei (Acquaintances)
  • Kuroda (Acquaintances)
  • Ohne Kuno (Acquantances)
  • Tempest Ōkaminoto (Friends)

Product Information

All his UTAU voicebanks can be downloaded here

Deepvocal Voicebank download is not available at the moment

 Terms of Use


  • Do not pitch up, or down his samples to create an alternative character / derivative.
  • Do not claim, or take credit for, any part of this voicebank.
  • Feel free to edit samples for qualities sake, but do not distribute any edits. 
  • Please spread a positive message with this voicebank, nothing hateful, mean, or controversial.


  • Do not edit his design to make him another character.
  • Do not take credit for Tsubasa as a character, or coming up with a design.
  • Do not roleplay as Tsubasa. Ever.
  • Feel free to alter his design for certain songs, but do not claim it as official.
  • Please only use Tsubasa's voice when portraying his character.
  • When using an official fullbody, please credit the respective artist.


  • Fanart is allowed, and greatly appreciated!
  • R-18 is allowed, but stay clear of harmful, or problematic themes.
  • Ship art is also allowed, but please do not claim any ship as canon unless we talk about it.

Commercial Use

  • Commercial use is allowed.

Additional Information


  • Tsubasa was a human until 2019; when he got a redesign.
  • When Tsubasa gets mad, His Angel wings turns into Demon Wings


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