Arisa Aster is a young voice bank developed for DeepVocal. she is in beta phase, but will soon be released.


her name has no special meaning.

  • Arisa : no special meaning ;
  • Aster : A type of flower ;


Arisa has pink salmon hair ending with blonde tips. she has deep blue eyes , she wears a white shirt with shades of gray, a light pink mini-skirt.

she is a young lady who is quite small for her age.


  • She has a Normal Voicebank and has been announced (Japanese and Korean).
  • Recorded for the Japanese language (Hiragana/Romaji) - CV-VX.
  • Contains four pitches recorded.
  • Finishing breaths that can be used using the "H and "R".
Product Information
  Genre: POP ; Alternative rock ; Ballad  Tempo: N/A  Range: A3 ~ D5
Basic Information
Cute and soft tone
Bank/Phonetic Information


Voicebank Sample

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