Alouette (アルエット ) (CHN: 云雀 | Yún Què) (CHN ALT: 阿卢埃特| Ā Lú āi Tè) is a Japanese and Chinese vocalist for the DeepVocal engine. She is the second vocalist from Re:Voice.



Alouette debuted as another character introduced in the Crystalia Millenium series done by Re:Voice. She was another vocalist planned for UTAU and for the then upcoming DeepVocal engine.


While not announced officially, Mei has made a desire for all of the Crystalia Millenium members to be voicebanks in the UTAU engine and when DeepVocal released in the summer in 2019, Yuzuko was developed and released on the engine. Mei stated that Yuzuko will be released first and then the rest of the members will follow, but the order of who gets released next was not stated.


On March 3rd, Yuzuko's official BiliBili posted a statement asking for voice providers who would like to voice two of the members of Crystalia Millenium, Alouette and Shiro, giving people til April and/or May 5th 2020 to submit a sample of them singing via email. On April 10th, 2 voice providers were selected and around that time, Alouette's voice data was completed and production began. It is unknown if she will be released first as an UTAU or DeepVocal, or if it will be a double release.


Alouette is a species known as an arahitogami (i.e. Living God), but is mostly human and has come from another “world”. She mostly talks in a very emotionless way, but it is pointed out by Mei that she is not a rude person, despite the fact that her default face is a poker face type expression. Alouette is also fairly quiet and rarely let any emotions come off, but since she can sympathize with people, she is not entirely avoidance of self. She could also be seen as blunt due to her speech, but not in a way to make it a bad intention. It is known that she does enjoy playing retro games, including select PC-98 games.

Her theme color is #483D8B and her character "theme" is the crystal butterfly, wanting to be free, but has then shut off from the world.

She is a vocalist in Re:Voice's 5 girl series [Crystalia Millenium] as she is a and main character who specializes in spiritual magic and fighting with knives and "pilots" the 0307-CHOU.


Her name, Alouette, comes from the French word meaning "lark"

Her Chinese name on the other hand " 云雀" (Yún Què) also means the same as the French name. Another alternate spelling for Alouette's name in Chinese can also be "阿卢埃特" (Ā Lú āi Tè), which Mei said that both versions can be use to describe her in Chinese


Mei-Saime designed and did all of the illustrations of Alouette.

In her UTAU design, she has Hime like styled cut bangs that layers from the bottom and two small pigtails that are clipped with small crystal butterfly hair bands. She has a single, small side ponytail with a braid connecting to it that trails to a small curl and the rest of her hair is long, and ends with curls near the tips. She also wears a crystal butterfly hair clip on the side of her hair. She wears a purple cress and a deep indigo like corset kept together with a yellow ribbon and while long boots.

Mei has expressed that she will be making a separate design for Alouette's DeepVocal debut as well.



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