Aiko Nyoko is a Japanese vocal for the DeepVocal engine. She is developed and distributed by TEOV Project. She is one of two TEOV Project Main-Line voicebanks. She was initially released on October 2017 for the UTAU engine. She is currently being updated to the DeepVocal engine as of late 2019. Her voice provider and Illustrator are the same person.


On August 6th, 2017, a mono-pitch Japanese CV bank was released for the UTAU engine. There weren't any more voicebanks created till 2018 which were upgraded to a VCV voicebank. There are currently 2 VCV banks up for download and one private set to release some time in the future.

It was announced via a box art review on twitter that Nyoko Aiko will be getting a DeepVocal voicebank along with her little sister, Aiko Taipu.



She appears as a dark blue-eyed girl with black short hair with two (unmovable) ahoges with blonde faded out points. She wears a spiky black headset with Blue LEDs, a gray shirt covered by a blue coat and a tie and a black short skirt with two belts.


Product Information
Basic Information
• feminine/mature/solid

• -

Bank/Phonetic Information

• It was recorded for the Japanese language.


Software Issues as noted:

• -

• -.

Voicebank Sample



  • --


  • Aiko Nyoko has no MMD model as of now



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