ABiGAIL is a voice library for the DeepVocal engine released on November 27, 2019 by Hikiko.


Abigail Is designed as a youthful female. She shares a physical appearance and name with her creator. Her outfit is flexible, and her personality tends to change a lot, resulting in the changing of her fashion style. Hikiko is working on designing alternate outfits to put on the character. Abigail suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, and subsequently displays the symptoms of the disorder. She is especially attached the the Vocaloid character Kagamine Len, believing she is in love with him and they are meant to be together. The vocaloids Flower and IA are her best friends. Abigail is meant to be a reflection of her creator in the vocal synth universe, compared to the real world.


Uraoneko is the name of Abigail's pet. She treats him like she would treat her own child. He is half demon, half angel, representing Abigail's black and white thinking. He was found by Abigail on a dark night in which he began following her, claiming to have been sent to help her in day-to-day life. He communicates telepathically with her.


Abigail's standard voicebank consists of 3 pitches, A3, E4, and C5. Her voice has and androgynous tone, being more boyish on lower pitches. Her voice has been compared to Kagamine Len by listeners, she also sounds a bit like Nekomura Iroha. Her voicebank is recorded in a powerscale style, lower pitches being softer and higher pitches being strong and forceful.


ABiGAIL is the product name, where as Abigail is the character name. She can also be referred to as Abby by users. Her name means "The father is joy"


  • Abigail has a cat hoodie that can change facial expression. It can be worn up or down, when down, it reveals the large ahoge on top of her head
  • She was intended to be an Utau, however was instead released for DeepVocal, as Hikiko believes it is a better engine
  • Her age is ambiguous, she can be any age the user wants

Voicebank Download Links

The latest version of ABiGAIL can be downloaded here:


-DEEPVOCAL RELEASE- アンヘル (Angel) - アビゲイル(ABiGAIL)

-DEEPVOCAL RELEASE- アンヘル (Angel) - アビゲイル(ABiGAIL)

-DEEPVOCAL-アビゲイル(ABiGAIL)- Rasberry*Monster

-DEEPVOCAL-アビゲイル(ABiGAIL)- Rasberry*Monster

-DeepVocal-繰り返し一粒 (one of repetition)- アビゲイル (ABiGAIL) (Voicebank 1

-DeepVocal-繰り返し一粒 (one of repetition)- アビゲイル (ABiGAIL) (Voicebank 1.1 release)

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